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Vikas Rattan TCI Travel Concierge India

Vikas Rattan


Vikas is a passionate pro in the travel industry, a destination expert of numerous cities globally, with inside out knowledge of hotel brands around the world, having traveled to all continents and 50 plus countries of the world, with a working background of Hotels, Resorts & Cruises for 15 plus years underpinned by a 12 Years Travel Industry real time experience. He is  an upright professional curating worldwide itineraries that deliver life time experiences and is a whole time Director at Travel Concierge India Pvt Ltd.

Author Milen Marinov

Milen Marinov

Worldwide | Europe

Based out of Varna Bulgaria, Milen is a travel pro with over 20 years of experience in tourism & hospitality. He speaks 5 languages, has lived in 3 and with over 90 countries on his visited list, he is a true citizen of the world. An expert in international tourism, hotel industry and cruising, his dynamic input could enrich any explorer. His passion for exploration of new places and cultures has awarded him with countless and priceless first hand experiences that he likes to share and exchange. Milen combines gladly the love to his own country and his knowledge of the region as part of Europe plus all other places and landmarks of the world he has visited during his times as a world traveller.

Author Lance Schuler

Lance Schuler

Worldwide | US

Travel professional, expert resource, lecturer & guide, Lance Schuler has been to over 100 countries and has dedicated his life to ensure that everyone he meets travels with knowledge and enthusiasm. Been in the cruise industry for 12 years as a Location Guide, giving pro presentations on a variety of topics in the regions he sails. Topics include history, culture, geology, wildlife and local information all centered on his guests’ travel experience. Lance has been to over 100 countries and wants to share his knowledge with those that seek more. Born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, his father was a pilot in the US Air Force so a life of constant movement was destined to be. Lance graduated high school & attended college in Louisiana, finally graduating in Florida with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. After a career in the US Navy, his travels continued and his passion to tell others about the places he’s visited was sparked into a raging fire.

Brett Slater


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