The new customary at the Airports- ‘amid Covid’

September 11, 2020
Vikas Rattan

Vikas Rattan

An airport can be an enthralling place for many particularly for holidayers. Many won’t deny that your holiday begins pretty much the time you leave home for the airport. It’s that first comforting feeling of the very initial moments when you are off the hook. For families with kids, it’s a fun zone with those open spaces, luggage trolleys that they love to drive or sit in, not to mention those ice cream, toys and chocolate outlets that they are no way going to miss and no traffic to worry about either. The airport has got something for almost everyone. Elegant business lounges for the frequenters and the classy, duty free for the shopping enthusiasts and even window shoppers, chill out bars for those who love it the moment they see it, casual to formal dining outlets and food courts, coffee places, Kids zones, you name it.
So, amid Covid, is my airport experience going to be less enthralling this time?
Vikas Rattan
Baggage Claim
“Baggage sanitization procedures are in place in almost all airports of the world now”
Queues– You used to be in a queue before, you will be now. The difference will be that you are just further apart. It makes the queue long BUT it does not increase your waiting time unless there are other factors involved such as going through a temperature screening unit. All airports around the world have issued guidelines and practices that are being followed and it’s a good idea to talk to your travel consultant or check the official website of the airport just to be sure that you don’t reach there without some new pre essentials. If you would normally arrive at an airport one and a half hour before a domestic flight departure, be there two and a half hours before even if the prescribed entry is two hours early. There may be that extra half an hour delay or queue outside the airport as well.

IR Hand sanitizers at a lot of points are the new normal and it doesn’t take any effort or time to get it on your hands. Expect non touch sanitizers where you just place your hands underneath the sanitizer and it automatically dispenses a fixed portion of the sanitizer; And they are going to be everywhere.

Check In Counters: Protective sneeze guards is one basic setup that you may find this time between you and your check in assistant at the airport.

Boarding Passes- A lot of airlines have made E boarding mandatory and so while you or your travel consultant check you in online, simply ensure to print your boarding pass as well as luggage tags beforehand as per given instructions. Depending on where you are in the world, a standard operating procedure may be different so be sure as to what is going to be expected from you at your particular airport.

Immigration/Arrival/Departure forms, Filling those out, it may NOT be a good idea to ask someone for borrowing a pen this time. Make sure, you take yours and also keep it handy.

Sensor Doors- It is already a normal almost everywhere but sensor doors at airports or in most good hotels around the world have not just been there for convenience and just because they look good. They also are there for a hygiene reason so not everyone has to touch the same door handle, needless to say they are safer and lesser accident prone at the same time.

Vikas Rattan
Airport Lounges

Missing the customary news papers, magazines..

Automation, Facing Recognition E Gates, Disinfectant Robots: Not an exhibition, there are airports that have these operational at present. Doesn’t make your experience bad.. do they! Etihad is heard to be coming up with self service kiosks that are automated to check your temperature and heart rate!

Duty Free Shopping: There may be shops that are closed for reasons such as not being able to keep up or not qualifying in the eligible category or to go with the guidelines of local authorities or could be even lacking staff and business and hence ended up going into a temporary closure. Call the airport to find out beforehand if you have something planned from a particular shop at the airport to avoid disappointment later on.

Lounges: Don’t be surprised if the newspapers are not there. That’s just one of those common touch things. Rather, you may come across new apps that they have come up with and will encourage you to read an e paper of their own. The couches, tables, coffee machines (Expect to be served) and all other common touch surfaces could be seen regularly disinfected by the lounge staff.

Thermal Screening: We all are witnessing this getting done at multiple places already in our routine life after Covid came in. Expect the same more than once from the time you enter the airport to the time you board and then disembark the aircraft.

Baggage: Last but not the least, guess what, your baggage gets a taste of the sanitizer too. Baggage sanitization procedures are in place in almost all airports of the world now

Facial Recognition Airports
Automated Facial Recognition
Doesn’t make your experience bad.. do they!
Airport Robot
Disinfectant & Cleaner Robots

Robots are doing the cleaning work

I would definitely not call the above a cumbersome experience in general. In fact the modified standard operating procedures have one objective in common; that is effective sanitization, enhanced steps of general cleanliness and minimized chances of contamination. We are rather getting taken better care of. The fun part belongs to you anyways!



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  1. Abhinav Gupta

    I am always happy once I know my luggage has reached too with me !!!

  2. Roland Smith

    It was for 12 years and older, I think. They would recheck a passenger if temperature was more than 38 degrees f.

    • Roland Smith

      It was for 12 years and older, I think. They would recheck a passenger if temperature was more than 38 degrees f.


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