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For almost 10 years, we have brought PRIVATE personalized holidays globally and in India with exclusive itineraries to travelers that look for service, reliability, hand picked hotels and resorts, reliable tour operators and ‘No questions asked attitude‘ Service .
We are that concierge that looks after and not just sells !


Since 2010

Who We Are

TCI began services in 2010 before being incorporated under the companies act later. The team has passionate professionals with working backgrounds from fields such as Airlines,  Airports, Hotels,  Cruises, Bloggers and Destination Experts. All this with exclusive itineraries, pro operators and personalized touches has given us almost 100% impeccable reviews over the  years.

“Professionals from the right fields”
We know what you will see

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Where We Stand

We have created a niche for ourselves amongst clients that look for reliability, experienced itinerary consultation,  hotels and resorts that don’t disappoint them, personalized approach and beautifully crafted holiday packages run by operators that understanding the meaning of hospitality.
When it comes to visa facilitation, we excel in creating hassle free experiences by taking each case on it’s merits and honest recommendations.

“Reliability, Service & Approach”
Creating excellent end products

Do we make a difference ?


We know recommendable hotels and exotic resorts inside out from years of experience and not just from looking at websites or reviews.  We are able to guide you, saving you time and money and we don’t disappoint.


The one-on-one expertise you are taking from us can never be compared to an online travel deal or service from a script reading online customer service associate. We can do things a search engine can never do.


We recognize your needs, keep track of your personal preferences and personalize options. We do not disclose your personal data and travel information without your authorization thereby making you a client for life.


Our practical advice adds value and translates to a far better travel experience for you. No matter how good you are at getting deals yourself, we are better connected than you are; We come handy if you run into trouble ever.


We Handle complex itineraries. Sometimes you may never know what you would have missed! We put our destination knowledge, own trip experience and past guests experience together to provide a hassle free travel experience for you.


We are incredibly responsive and reachable. Our approach remains to solve issues if any in an efficient and timely manner and not to just emphasize with you.

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Holiday Packages

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