What shall I write about

“Write about your Journey”

You may write Journal type blogs where you can talk about your journeys, adventures, describing the travel routes you took and sharing pictures as well as videos. These are more like an experience sharing in an attractive story telling format without making the story boring at any point.

“Write simply Informational”

You can write informational articles about places to visit, advice to tourists, and how to do stuff. In these, you can write about places you live or a single target destination, your articles will tend to live a lot longer and get seen by more people on your blog. This is where your strength lies and you have a good grip of or where you remain excellently updated and confident. Here you can converse with your followers too and answer their questions.

“Write on a region specific”

You could write about a particular region in the world/country where you focus/niche remains on one region, not the whole world, and you provide detailed information about the region thus turning out to be an expert in that field in the long run.

Guide & Terms

What are the general guidelines to write?
1. This is a travel blog so your content should be travel related. For example we are not publishing articles here that are about food or fitness.
2. The categories you may write about can be about destinations wordwide or in India, Airports, Airlines, Foreign Exchanges, Embassies or Consulate experiences, Customs and Immigration, Visa, Passports, holidays or any type of travel or tourism related topics as long as they fit within our parameters. These could be your own experiences, or informational or stories about places or anything that you think can be nice to read.
3. Your story/article/blog should include a title, story and preferably brief description of accompanying photos/videos/multimedia components if any.
4. Writing a fresh, quality, exclusive and unique content is crucial to building your post and attracting your new reader base.
5. You may write a single blog post or an entire series. You can write something now or wait until later in the year. The timing and topics for a post are endless.
6. We would stress that the article that you submit has never been published anywhere before. The content needs to be fresh.
Are there any basic tips for me to start?
1. Encourage yourself to write about something that interests you. Choosing a subject that you do not enjoy or know about, the quality of your content may not come out to your expectations.
2. The objective of your article should be to teach the reader something new- preferably what they do not already know with some eye catching content that they enjoy and learn or stick to. You may start by making sure you target the right readers with your article.
3. For example, if you travel/travelled to Europe frequently and remain updated with the airport or airline of a particular country, then you may want to write your experiences be it in the form of a story or informational that the readers may find worth.
4. You may want to give them smart advice they’ve never heard anywhere else. The better the article, the more sharing it may get, and you might even find yourself with growing followers every passing day.
5. You may also start by reading over some past articles related to a subject of our liking to get a feel for the type of content you would like us to publish.
6. Today’s well informed traveler looks for an inspiring perspective on travel and life’s journeys that’s new, intriguing, informative, exploratory and has an added layer of depth in research and/or presentation.
7. Readers love to read stories and articles that evoke a strong sense of place or thoughtfulness, stories that offer insider tips and useful information for how to travel to a destination, as well as a polished and distinctive writing style adds to the joy.
8. You should start off with choosing a specific topic – It can be a destination, or adventure or medical tourism or regional tourism or a honeymoon hotspot, luxury travel, backpacking, historical tourism, or something else altogether. You may want to focus on a more specific topic so you can do in-depth research and provide the readers with valuable information. Those who travel are always looking for answers about where they are going to prior to leaving on their trips, and a well-written article will definitely be able to benefit the both of you without a doubt.
9. Your objective should remain to create something unique and interesting with quality – There are a number of travel bloggers who have become famous without any experience in internet marketing; they just travel all over the place and share their ideas on social networks. A lot of people tend to respond to crazy, new, interesting ideas, and things written in such articles.
10. The quality of the content you have on your blog is extremely important. It is better that you take the time to do the necessary research for your articles so they are actually helpful to readers.
What dimensions of images and videos can I submit along with my post?
1. Please attach images to illustrate your content better (we can help to change them/enhance them in quality after submission if required)
2. For the featured image, you must have an image in landscape mode, and the image must be in good resolution. If you can not find a featured image, don’t worry, our team can take care of that.
3. For other related images, you can send them in any size but please try to keep them less than 2 MB per image. Please note that our web development team may need to cut or crop or adjust images and resolutions and other related aspects to put them on the blog pages.
4. Please send images only in jpg or png format.
5. Videos should be sent only in mp4 format and should not be more than 5 mb in size per video. If you have to cut the video size or compress the video, please ensure to retain a minimal quality. Low resolution images and videos may not be published.
6. You may send us anything from 3 to 8 images for a post. Anything less than that or more than that may not fit balance in with the text and we may have to filter them out.
7. Please note that low resolution images may take the sheen away from your article but at the same time high resolution images should not be too big in size.
What are the guidelines with regards to the text content??
1. We recommend that your article should be at least 400 words and no more than 1500 words.
2. An average post size of 700 words is ideal.
3. If you are writing your post in MS Word format, you can go to the review tab and check the word count there to find out the number of words in your post.
4. Please put your content in sections, paragraphs, quotes as you would normally like it to be distinguished and easier for our team to understand how you prefer it to be shown when published.
Author Bio & Author Image..

An Author Bio would be included with your posts. The bio is a great way for you to become better known to our readers, and for them to discover more about your skills and knowledge via the description. Your bio should be brief yet impressive highlighting your vivid travel experience and achievements within 30 to 60 words and can also include information such as where you currently live, or where you were born or where you currently work or have most worked ( the industry specification for example) and how you are related to the travel industry and what is it that ignites you to be a passionate writer in travel or just to travel and of course a glimmer of your achievements.

Author Image: A professional smaller image of you with size at least 96*96 Pixels in JPG that will show next to your bio and on the ‘Meet the Bloggers’ Page.

You will be requested for the same once your post has been approved for publishing by the publishing team.

Please email to blog@tcigroup.co.in

General terms of publication for guest bloggers

1. We reserve the right to edit your submission for grammatical amendments or to remove any explicit words/content that may be deemed necessary to remove and to publish or not to publish a part thereof/ or to simply not publish at all your writing. We will of course notify you. We retain ultimate editorial control; any requested changes beyond minor edits would be brought to your approval prior to posting.
2. Please ensure that all data, images, quotations, and outside content is referenced in the article by mentioning where you took any statistics from etc by giving details of the reference.
3. If you send us pictures from other websites/web, in which case we will need the URLs of the pictures, and of course, please make sure they are free of any copyright issues.
4. TCI reserves the right to have the final word over the content. If it does not qualify as per our deemed standards, we have full authority to not to publish or acknowledge it. You are however in such a case most welcome to publish your article elsewhere.
5. We do expect you not to publish the post elsewhere with the exception of publishing it on your own blog or Web site to keep your content unique where readers find you.
6. Any submission of referral /Affiliate links for outer websites in post must be avoided.
7. Only genuine and hand typed content shall be accepted. Any kind of copied content or excerpt ( Unless it is clearly mentioned with a credit reference to the author or publication such as a fact, a figure or a proverb) will not be accepted.
8. We urge you to ensure that your content is free of plagiarism and does not involve any violation of copyrights.
9. We reserve the right to promote the links to your article on the site to our followers on all of our social media channels including those of our existing followers, affiliates, employees, their acquaintances, friends, families and web marketing mail lists and so on.
10. For maximum exposure, you are welcome to share your post published on TCI blog across social media. If there are any queries, your readers may expect you to engage with them.
11. Please allow 1-7 business days to hear back from us once you’ve submitted your guest post or topic idea. Upon review of your post or topic idea, We will consider how it meets the guidelines and how the topic fits with our editorial direction at this point in time.
12. Your post may be accepted as is, or with minor edits for greater clarity, grammar and punctuation. We may provide a short introduction or conclusion to provide context as to why we believe the post is important to our readers. If we feel your post is on-point but needs more substantive changes, we will email you back with our thoughts and request for revision.
13. Please note that once the post is submitted to TCI for publishing and if it is published, we reserve the right to retain it on our website or remove it from our website at any time without any prior notice to the author or related or to publish it on any page of our website or on our marketing channels or mediums without the approval of the author. TCI reserves the right to transfer the post or to publish the post on any of its other websites or new websites or it’s affiliates websites however it will be ensured that the author name remains wherever the website blog templates or structures show the website author in the form of meta data or the post. We are not liable to remove the post from our websites or other related data at the request of the author however retain the right to remove it  at our own decison for reasons without explanation. We reserve the right to show or not to show author bio or/image at a changed location or format or not to show them at all without any prior intimation.
14. If the website closes down or the company or for any reasons, the post pages or the blogs are taken off the website, we are in no circumstances are responsible to provide any explanation or compensation for removal of your post or to post them somewhere else or to notify you of such.
15. Please note that we in no circumstances are responsible or liable to pay any compensation of any sorts be it monetary or otherwise for any writing of posts or similar or for any contribution to the success of the blog or the website or the company.
16. Please understand that we are not obligated to publish a post you have submitted. Do not be offended if your post is not accepted for publication. It could be very well written, but just not the right topic or message for this particular time. If your post is rejected, you are obviously free to do whatever you want with it.

17. We may format your byline or author bio or author image to be consistent with the appearance of our internal author bio and image format if needed.
18. We reserve the right to amend these conditions or terms at any moment of time without the need for any intimation to any of the authors.
Please also read the website’s and company’s terms here on our privacy policy, use of website, disclaimer and terms and conditions.

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