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Stage your experiences, reveal your knowledge, exhibit your writing skills, demonstrate your creativity and stamp your word proficiency to the world where real time readers can admire and follow you.  

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Our team of professionals will assist in qualitatively enhancing your article content, be it grammatical editing or a front end formatting to make your posts look elegant, to design them so they look distinguished, and to dazzle your words so that they stand out.

How does it work ?


Submit your article with us through email or a simple to fill up template online on our website.


Our editors and Ex Bloggers with years of experience shall review them, suggest or recommend any changes if needed and and once they are good to go, schedule them to publish.


Users worldwide can now read your post and submit comments or ask questions or follow you on your favorite media platforms or share your posts further on their media platforms.

What’s in there for me ?


Get displayed Upfront

At TCI Blog, guests bloggers are prominently displayed upfront with multiple links to pages that lead to their bio ( an author bio which you send to us where you give a brief introduction about you and your expertise).


Reach a new audience

Guest blogging on professional websites demonstrates your expertise and authority. By writing in your own specialized area, you build up credibility and reach a new audience.


Be followed

The website contains dedicated pages with follow links that lead the audience to follow the guest bloggers on their social profiles such as on facebook, twitter, Instagram, google plus and various others with one click


Watch your posts getting shared

The Blogging plaform on TCI has been enriched with User Interface and User Experience enhancements which enables the users to share your posts directly with one click on their own social media channels such as facebook, twitter, Instagram, gmail .


Make new professional relationships

Make new friends, develop new professional relationships with not just the fellow bloggers in your niche, but also with your new audience and readers that love to follow you.

Answers to your Questions

We are glad to assist you with any questions that you may have. The below could be a help too


Do I have to submit an article on time or any other restrictions?

No!.. You are a guest author. You are free to write 1 article in an year or 1000 in a year, it’s your choice. There are no promises, no liabilities and no expectations form us unless you are getting paid ! In fact, it’s all support that you will find from us to get showcased.


What happens after I submit?

After you have submitted a guest post with us, our team will set the cog wheels in motion and you will soon see your travel guest post published and live as long as it meets the desired criteria.


Do I have to pay anything?

No ! Absolutely No. This is a courtesy platform for guest authors. If you have got it in you, we got everything taken care off. If you miss out.. there is nothing to lose. The articles remain yours!


How will I submit my posts?

You can submit your articles directly by emailing them to or use a web form online on our website and simply upload the article and images. You can also upload your articles to your cloud storage and email us the link where our team can retrieve them as long as your original content such as images are not compressed.


Will I be paid?

You might be thinking, “Big deal! I want to be paid!” If you’re an experienced writer with loads of articles in other magazines and bulletproof credentials, you can be. Right from the beginning. But if you’re working your way up the ranks? Guest posting is a great way to start. You don’t need any credentials or experience to write a guest post.


What are guidelines and terms with regards to the content such as images or text??

We understand there will be more questions, so we have them answered for you on mini guide and terms. On the guide page, read about blogging guide and your author bio, author image, text, content, images, videos that you can submit and in what dimensions.

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