Essential Japan with Tokyo, Kyoto & Mount Fuji



  • Tokyo
  • Robot Entertainment show
  • Neon Lights & Robotic Infusion
  • Meiji Shrine
  • Gardens of the Imperial Palace
  • Senso Ji Temple
  • Nakamise Shopping Street
  • Japanese Government Center
  • Asakusa Kannon
  • Nakamise Dori
  • Mount Fuji
  • Mount Fuji’s 5th Station
  • Kawaguchiko Oishi Park
  • Oshino Hakkai
  • Gotemba Premium Outlets
  • Kyoto
  • Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine
  • Sanjusangen-do temple
  • World’s longest Wooden Structure
  • Kiyomizu-dera World Heritage
  • Nara-UNESCO World Heritage
  • Todai-ji Temple
  • Kasuga Taisha Shrine
  • Nara Park

  • Any International Flights to/from as well as any domestic Flights within the country/countries of visit are not included in this package.
  • Whereever flights are required, our travel experts will assist you in finding, opting or booking the best connections to go well with your trip.
  • You may opt to book the flights yourself or have us book your flights for you.

  • 2 to 3 Star Branded Reputed Hotel Chains or Locally Owned Hotels or Similar

  • 3 Star Branded Reputed Hotel Chains or Similar

  • 3 to 4 Star Branded Reputed Hotel Chains or Similar

  • 4 to 5 Star Branded Reputed Hotel Chains or Similar

  • 5 to 7 Star Branded Reputed Hotel Chains or Similar


  • Hassle free Japan visa facilitation including all fees with passport and documents pick up at door step.*
  • High Speed standard Super Fast Train Connections with guaranteed seat reservations from Tokyo to Kyoto.
  • Comprehensive travel insurance with coverage up to US$ 50,000/- per traveler valid in Japan to safeguard and protect your travel with cashless medical facilities and local assist network.
  • Quality central accommodation in hotels/apartments for 6 Nights with closest possible walking access to facilities, certain places of interest and landmarks with choices of various options.

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  • Private exclusive ‘Meet & Greet’ hassle free and convenient transfer from Tokyo airport to Tokyo hotel on arrival .
  • Buffet breakfast with selection of continental and Japanese for six days as per hotel spread.
  • Experience Japan’s #1 entertainment show in the middle of Tokyo showcasing a fusion of culture, technology and neon lights at the Robot Restaurant.
  • See the amazing Senso Ji temple and Meji Shrine set amongst a lush location and discover one of Tokyo’s hidden locations at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace and browse colourful shops lining Nakamise Shopping Street.
  • Visit Japan’s wonderful Mount Fuji’s 5th Station, Kawaguchiko Oishi Park, Oshino Hakkai and enjoy amazing views and shopping at one of Japan’s largest Gotemba Premium Outlets.
  • See the best of Kyoto with visits to Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Sanjusangen-do temple which is the World’s longest Wooden Structure and Kiyomizu-dera Temple World Heritage Site.
  • Explore the world heritage sites of Todai Ji temple and Kasuga Taisha Srine during our day excursion to the picturesque and colorful Nara
  • Premium services of a qualified and professional tour and excursions manager during almost all the tours.
  • All applicable taxes for accommodation and transportation.


Once at the Tokyo Airport, a TCI representative will be waiting for you with your private car who will then drive you directly to your hotel. Welcome to Tokyo which will dazzle with its traditional culture and passion for everything new. Refresh at your hotel.

In the late evening, join an unforgettable night in Tokyo for Japan’s #1night entertainment show. Discover the out-of-this-world magic of a robot entertainment show with flashy neon lights and dance music. A show which has seen a 10 billion Yen construction cost. An extraordinary live show where robots walk around. A fusion of Japanese culture and robots and a new sensory experience that no one has ever seen before. Music, dance, and technology have been fused into this one one-of-a-kind entertainment. Refresh overnight at your Tokyo hotel.

Today, post breakfast, indulge yourself with a visit to the nature and culture that combines Tokyo’s imperial and natural beauty. We will start by visiting the Meiji Shrine and contemplate its architecture; which despite being rebuilt after the WWII raids, still retains a traditional air. Behold its impressive 12 metre wooden torii gate as you walk through the entrance into a lush location blooming with seasonal flora. From here we drive by the Japanese Government centre, the National Diet Building, on our way to the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace. This is one of Tokyo’s great hidden locations featuring a memorable Japanese garden filled to the brim with seasonal flowers. Next we make our way to Senso-ji Temple and Nakamise Shopping Street. Of the 33 temples in Eastern Japan dedicated to the Goddess Kannon, Asakusa Kannon is the only one in the capital (No. 13 on the pilgrimage to all 33 temples). Visit this historic area which includes Nakamise-dori, the street leading to the temple where colourful souvenirs and large paper lanterns might catch your eye. Spend the rest of the evening on your own in Tokyo.

Today, you will be able to experience the most famous sightseeing spots nearby Mount Fuji. Depart with your tour guide to Yamanashi prefecture and Kawaguchiko Oishi Park where you will spend some lovely time. If the weather is good, you can capture some beautiful photos with the lake Kawaguchi and Mount Fuji in the background. Take a walk around the lake, buy a special souvenir from the shop or just sit down and enjoy the incredible view. In different seasons, you can also enjoy different flowers including lavender and kochia. Next, we head to Fujisan Gogome, the 5th Station, Enjoy the views from the mountain, visit the traditional Japanese temple on the mountain and have a break at the snack shop. Head to Oshino Hakkai, one of the most famous spots in the Fujisan area where you can find 8 different lakes located in the surroundings. You can also taste the water from Mount Fuji, shop at one of the souvenir shops and grab some food for your lunch. Then visit Gotemba Premium Outlets from where you can see Mount Fuji from inside the outlets. We will then return to Tokyo.

This morning board your train from Tokyo to Kyoto and we will pick you up from the station and drive you to your hotel. Welcome to Kyoto, the city of some 2000 temples and shrines: a city of true masterpieces of religious architecture, such as the retina-burning splendour of Kinkaku-ji (the famed Golden Pavilion) and the cavernous expanse of Higashi Hongan-ji.
We recommend if you wish to take an optional activity, then you make your way to the Sagna Bamboo Grove with Mt. Arashiyama as the backdrop and take a walk through the Bamboo Grove. Visit the temple gardens of Tenryuji, a World Heritage Site considered as one of Kyoto’s best Zen temples and enjoy panoramic views of Kyoto city from Jojakko-ji Temple. Refresh overnight in Kyoto.

Today, we will tour some of Kyoto’s most famous sites including the most popular Kiyomizu-dera Temple and discover why this ancient political capital of Japan is now its history and sightseeing capital. Visit Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, the head shrine of 40,000 inari-jinja shrines located all over Japan. The bright red Senbon Torii gates are a must-see attraction. Then visit the Sanjusangen-do Temple, the world’s longest wooden structure, housing 1.001 life-size statues of Buddhist Kannon deities dating back to the 13th century, and finally we will go to the Kiyomizu-dera Temple. The view of Kyoto from the World Heritage Site of Kiyomizu-dera is superb. The historic shopping lane that leads to the temple adds to a wonderful experience. Spend the night on your own in Kyoto.

Today after breakfast, we will depart to visit two World Heritage Sites in Nara: Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine. Encounter wild deer up close while walking through Nara Park, a rarity in Japan and worldwide. Enjoy the view out the window from the suburbs of Kyoto to Nara.
Todai-ji Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is the symbol of the Nara Period and one of the world’s largest wooden structure. Its huge main hall and bronze Great Buddha are impressive to behold. Kasuga Taisha Shrine is designated as a World Heritage Site. The deer of Nara Park are thought to be the shrine messengers. The tour will not enter areas requiring admission.
Nara Nagomikan, the largest souvenir shop in Nara. Enjoy yourself in this spacious shop and look for the perfect souvenir. This location though may be omitted from the itinerary due to business hours or traffic congestion. We will then return to Kyoto in the evening.

Post a wonderful breakfast, today make your way to the Airport by either choosing the Luxury Limousine Coach or the Speed Train where you can board your return flight.


  • On Mondays, Fridays and other days when Imperial Palace East Garden is closed, the tour will visit Imperial Palace Plaza instead.
  • For the Robot show, Please ensure you arrive at the meeting point at least 40 minutes prior to the show start time.

Read all Terms..

  • For the Nikko excursion if included in your package, the charge to take the Kegon Falls elevator is not included in the booking price. Due to expected traffic congestion during the peak autumn season, the tour will not visit the Kegon Falls or Lake Chuzenji between October 10th and November 5th. During these dates, the tour will visit either the Rinno-ji Temple Taiyu-in Mausoleum, Nikko Futarasan Jinja Shrine, the Kirifuri Falls, or the Nikko Tamazawa Imperial Villa. The tour may also be changed to the above itinerary on dates other than that listed above due to traffic congestion, or other unforeseen circumstances. Please note that due to major repair and restoration work, three monkeys carving and part or all of Yomeimon Gate will not be visible at Toshogu Shrine. An earphone guide will be provided to each participant at Nikko Toshogu Shrine. However, if there are less than 15 participants earphone guides may not be used.
  • *If you take the Mount Fuji/Hakone excursion included in the package, No alternative destinations are planned when the tour reaches beyond the 1st station. When the tour has to turn back at the 1st station, or when the Fuji Subaru Line is completely blocked, the tour will visit Lake Kawaguchi or Fuji Visitor Center. Please note that this alternative itinerary may be omitted from the tour depending on traffic conditions. This tour will return back to Tokyo at Tokyo station and from there guests will have to make their own way back to their hotel. The arrival time to Tokyo Station may vary depending on the season and the day of the week due to traffic congestion. In addition, the return time may be later than scheduled. (Estimated arrival time to Tokyo Station: 20:00-22:00). Mt. Fuji may not be visible from the base in bad weather conditions. This won’t stop the tour going ahead nor will it mean that a refund will be offered. There might or might not be a guide on the return trip via bus or Shinkansen. If not, the information on how to get back to the hotels will be given before you set off. Recommendations– Mt. Fuji’s 5th station is on average 10 to 15 degrees colder than Tokyo. You are advised to bring warm clothing during autumn and winter.
  • From December to April, As the 5th level of Mount Fuji will be closed during winter time, you will head to another famous spot called Arakura Sengen Shrine nearby. This is the only spot where you can take picture of the five-storied pagoda with Mount Fuji. The cherry blossom is amazing during spring time as well.
  • In the Kyoto excursion if included in your package, During the Jidai Festival on October 22, Heian Jingu Shrine is closed to the public and will be replaced in the itinerary by Chishaku-in Temple. If the Jidai Festival is postponed, the itinerary change will still be implemented on the postponed festival date. Public transportation will be used between Osaka and Kyoto. Seating may not be available. Chishaku Temple will be visited when Heian Jingu Shrine is closed to Jidai Festival on October 22nd. If the festival is postponed, changes in the itinerary may also be postponed.
  • *If local passes of Hiroshima and Hakone/Fuji area are not pre booked and thus provided to the clients as certain local passes in Japan at times are not available for online or pre purchase, TCI will assist in guiding the guests to purchase them at convenient spots on the stations/airports with complete assistance. In such a case, the amount equivalent to the published/incurred (whichever is lower) cost of the passes (that were meant to be the part of the package) will be deducted from the last installment of the package or refunded to the guests after the guests return.
  • JR Rail pass will need to be activated and exchanged while in Japan. TCI will assist and guide the guests to complete it in a smooth hassle free manner.
  • *For the Rickshaw tour if included in your package, Children 6 years and under may sit on an adult’s lap (one child per adult), A maximum of 2 adults per rickshaw. Up to 2 children, 6 years and under, can ride with 2 adults (children have to ride on an adult’s lap), While rickshaws are able to fit two adults, each rickshaw is 29.1 inches (74 centimeters) wide, and it is sometimes more comfortable to book individual rickshaws for each passenger. For passengers of size, we recommend booking a rickshaw for each participant to ensure a comfortable ride. Please note that guests will need to make their own way at their own expense to meet our guide in Arashiyama. This can be managed easily by a local train and TCI will assist the guests in guiding for the same. This trip is customizable; you can also discuss with the rickshaw driver what you’d like to see elsewise our guides will show you the best.
  • This package (if includes Rail Passes) does not include any private station to hotel or hotel to station transfers in any of the cities/towns and guests will have to use local transport for the same with the exception of Tokyo where the guest will be transferred via a private vehicle directly to their hotel on arrival. In Kyoto, guests will have the option of choosing between Luxury Limousine Coach or Speed Train which are both included in the package as per the terms of the rail pass (For Speed Train).

Please go through the comprehensive terms and conditions HERE


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